Senior in the Prince's group of misfits, the "little sword" is an imposing man with a cheerful disposition. Though try not to mess with him or his companions, otherwise you'll have hell to pay.

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- Since there's very little info on Glad and Versus in general, I'll be making stuff up and almost treating him like an OC.
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throneoflucis asked : "Gladious," the king called. The sight of the eldest child of the Amicitia house brought a smile to the king's face. "It is good to see you. Though a bit of a surprise that I did not run in to you, with Noctis in sight. Are you well?"

"Can’t be attached at the hip all the time." A grin, boisterous and amused, broke across scarred features as he regarded the King— formalities one of his position should automatically assume completely going overhead. He’s known the man since childhood after all. Even with all the respect in the world, it was difficult to completely rid his closest friend’s father of the classification of uncle-who-so-happens-to-rule-their-country.

He did manage to bow his head in the appropriate manner and not call him uncle. The Amicitia house ancients should be proud.

"Well as always." An easy answer, he takes pleasure in his inherited position, "And you, sir? Politics haven’t worn you down yet, I hope."


fabricatedconstellations said: -/braids a crown of gladiolus flowers for Glad and places on his head-


  • beauty stat + 5000 !!
joeyjo32074 asked : Gladiolus deserves much love. Such a beautiful man.

"Haha. Much appreciated ~."

Final Fantasy XV staff, characters, and development detailed

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