Senior in the Prince's group of misfits, the "little sword" is an imposing man with a cheerful disposition. Though try not to mess with him or his companions, otherwise you'll have hell to pay.

G l a d i o l u s -
   ℱinal fantasy versus xv

casual || semi-active
indie roleplay account

- warning: This person 'ere is as slow as Square when it comes to giving updates on Versus. Be patient with me and I promise you my eternal love. :I ( Barely here too but shhh talk to me anyway, loves. I will always respond. Evenifittakesmeadecade. )
- Since there's very little info on Glad and Versus in general, I'll be making stuff up and almost treating him like an OC.
- Tracking scarredgladiator, so tag posts for me as that, yeah?