Senior in the Prince's group of misfits, the "little sword" is an imposing man with a cheerful disposition. Though try not to mess with him or his companions, otherwise you'll have hell to pay.

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It had been approximately five minutes before the strategist appeared within the vicinity. Quickly taking notice of Gladiolus, he walked swiftly towards his companion. Still slightly petulant from the… “fight” with Noctis, the irritation and anger was still plainly visible in Ignis’s features. Shaking his head abruptly, in vain attempt to alleviate his annoyance, he muttered a brief apology, knowing that being late for any event was rather unbecoming for the usually prompt strategist.

“I spoke with Noctis just moments ago. If it weren’t for the… his father, I might have arrived sooner,” he said, wincing slightly at the mentioning of theking, recalling the unnecessarily thunderous volume he spoke in, “But I digress. As I’ve already explained earlier, I want to speak to you regarding the prince’s relationship with… Miss Nox.”

Stretching his arms with his hands high above his head, Gladiolus yawned openly as he spotted the strategist approach with a sour expression. It looks like Mr. Ignis was more put off than he had anticipated. “Its fine, seeing you late only reminds me that you’re human too.” The fighter commented lightly followed by an equally light laugh.

He had hoped a little joking around would lighten the other’s mood, but knowing him it probably won’t work. Well a man has to try. But to think the King would be the one to delay him. King Caelum had always been an interesting man, despite his title; he never failed to amuse the broad-swordsman.

So it Miss Nox would be the topic of conversation after all, not that he was surprised in the least. If news of their relationship had reached Gladiolus, then it’s inevitable that the news would also come to Ignis’ attention; or at least that’s what he has learned to expect after all these years of knowing each other.

“Stella Nox, eh?” He voiced the name in thought, scratching at his chin. “Pretty girl, that noble. Don’t yah think?” Undeniably not the follow-up comment the bespectacled man was probably looking for but he smiled nonetheless, perfectly satisfied with his chosen response.

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